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Mark Holmes, Principal

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February Students of the Month

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December Students of the Month

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November Students of the Month

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October 2015

Dear Families,

The TUSD is modifying and refining report cards this year. As a result, grade scales will be different as they are aligned with Smarter Balanced Assessments.  The report card will have a new appearance, and the marks will appear changed as well.  The grading scale will be 1 to 4.

             4….. 95 - 100%      -      EXCEEDING STANDARDS
             3….. 70 - 94%        -      MEETING STANDARDS
             2…...50 - 69%        -      APPROACHING STANDARDS
             1……0  - 49%        -      NOT MET STANDARDS

We realize that these are major changes and wanted you to be aware of the revisions implemented by the TUSD. The largest change is the EXCEEDING STANDARDS score. Some of your children who scored “Advanced” in prior years may see a difference in their score, as the scale was set much higher for the newest report card. Please note the changes.

Remember…As your child enters middle school and high school, letter grades come into effect, so there are changes already headed your child’s direction.

Thank you,
Walnut’s Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Teachers

Family Science Night


Thank you PTA

Many volunteers have worked really hard the past few weeks.The fence is done. Our kinder friends will have additional space to play in the enclosed yard. Our PTA volunteers have also added lots of games to the blacktop. Thank you so much!

Walnut Elementary Education Center

Principal’s Newsletter

August, 2015


Dear Parents:  As I look back to the prior school year, I am again reminded of the high level of dedication and effort that our staff and parents put forth to make Walnut the most esteemed school in our area for our students.  Nowhere do families have a choice between two fine magnet programs on one award winning campus, both working dynamically to continuously improve our students’ achievement while offering the special emphases of Math and Science or Visual and Performing Arts.  We are extremely fortunate and our students are the benefactors!  


Welcome back to returning students and welcome to students and parents who are new to Walnut!  As we begin our 9th year of operation, we hope you enjoyed your summer and look forward to seeing your children on the first day of school on Thursday, August 13, which will be a minimum day with dismissal at 12:00 PM for students in grades 1-6.  Kindergarten will maintain the normal AM/PM schedule.


Staffing  Here is a brief, final summary of  teaching staff changes for 2015-16, which was finalized toward the end of the previous school year:

  • Renaissance 6th, formerly Mrs. Adams’ class:  Arturo Garcia will join us from Patterson Unified School District.
  • Discovery 2nd, formerly Mrs. Coughran’s class:  April Walker will join Walnut from Ceres Unified School District.

Internal reassignments include:

  • Discovery Kindergarten, formerly Mrs. Lewis:  Chrissy Coughran will assume this assignment, moving from Discovery 2nd grade.
  • Discovery and Renaissance 4th grade: Donavan Arnold, formerly Renaissance, and Melissa Cortinas, formerly Discovery, will trade respective assignments.


Back To School Night  Back to School Night has been scheduled for Thursday, August 13 from 6:00 to 7:00 PM for students in grades 1-6.  We will run two sessions:  6:00-6:30 and 6:30-7:00 PM.  Sixth grades will have a special session to orient parents for Outdoor Education at Foothill Horizons during Open House. Back to School Night provides parents with information regarding their children’s classroom program, homework, special activities, and an opportunity to become acquainted with your child’s teacher.  We encourage you to attend!


School Site Council (SSC) and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

Our School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Committees exist to monitor our categorical programs and provide staff and elected parents with the opportunity to provide input into the Walnut School Plan that guides our instructional programs.  Meetings for these two groups are held at least four times a year.  Parent representatives are elected to these committees.  Please contact us at 664-9907 if you are interested in serving on one of these important committees.


Parking and Traffic Flow Reminders  As you may know, traffic congestion during the peak times during the start of school and dismissal causes gridlock on W. Springer between the entrance to the Walnut parking lots and the corner of Walnut and Springer.  We ask again that parents and students obey traffic laws, demonstrate common courtesy, comply with our crossing guards and campus supervisors, and think SAFETY FIRST.


We encourage parents to choose to drop off and pick up their children at safe locations in and around the Walnut campus instead of the parking lot driveway. Suggestions include:

>Various locations on Springer, east and westbound including safe, legal parking east of Walnut:  Students needing to cross Walnut/Springer can cross with the crossing guard.

>The former “bus loading zone” on eastbound Springer:  Stopping for pick up or drop off is OK… Parking and leaving your unattended car is not.

>Various locations on Panorama, west of the Walnut campus:  Students can walk across the grass field to class or to meet their rides.


Above all, be courteous, considerate and patient.


Volunteers  For the safety of students and staff, parents, guardians and other interested adults need to complete a Volunteer Application form in order to assist in classrooms, serve as chaperones on field trips, or any other manner of contact with students at school.  In addition to completing the application, a copy of a valid Drivers License and updated TB (Tuberculosis) immunization clearance must be included with the application.  This process must be repeated every year to continue as an approved volunteer.  Anticipating a large number of volunteers, we will have a Volunteer booth set up at the upcoming Back to School Night on Thursday, August 13.


PTA  The Walnut PTA is by far the most active, involved and committed PTA group in our area.  Through various fundraising and donation efforts, our students have benefited from literally hundreds of thousands of dollars that have supported field/study trips, classroom supplies, technology, educational activities, and major projects such as our ball wall and school garden.  During the summer, we took delivery of a new backstop for our field, and PTA volunteers are currently installing an extension of the cramped Kindergarten play area.  Please support our students, staff and school:



Thanks for reading!   Mark R. Holmes, Principal

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School Visitors

Parents/guardians and other guests of the district are welcome and encouraged to visit TUSD schools. Visitors must respect the learning environment however and maintain proper behavior and decorum. (EC 51512)

  • All visitors shall report to the office and “sign-in” to notify staff they are in the building or on school grounds.
  • The principal or designee shall provide a visible means of identification for all individuals who are not students or staff members while on school premises.
  • Visitors shall return to the office and “sign-out” before leaving the campus.

Disruption of the orderly process of the school is prohibited. In accordance with Penal Code 626.7, the principal or his/her designee is authorized to deny access, ban or bar future access, and remove or request the removal of any visitor whose behavior is disruptive to the educational/ working environment of the school.

Visitors to any of our campuses who have been denied access or who have been asked to leave may schedule an appointment to appeal to the Director of Student Services at (209) 667-0887 daily between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm.

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TUSD Initiatives

TUSD Initiatives

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Walnut Lunch Schedule

Grades 1 & 2

Mon Tues Thurs Fri 11:40 ~ 12:20

Wed/Minimum Days 10:35 ~ 11:15


Grades 3 & 4

Mon Tues Thurs Fri 12:00 ~ 12:40

Wed/Minimum Days 10:55 ~ 11:35


Grades 5 & 6

Mon Tues Thurs Fri 12:20 ~ 1:00

Wed/Minimum Days 11:15 ~ 11:55