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Beauty and Beast Jr. Notes

Beauty and the Beast Jr. Notes


This week we will run-through the second half of our show during elective time.


  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2:54- 5:30 Pick-up your child at 5:30

  • Wednesday practice is still undecided due to early dismissal, teacher meetings and necessity. At this point it is a wait and see how we’re doing Monday and Tuesday. I really think that our cast won’t need a Wednesday practice.

  • Friday 2:54- 4:30pm Full run through no costumes.

  • Send your child with comfortable clothes and shoes, bottled water and a snack.

  • Dress Rehearsal is Thursday 3/30

  • Cast dinner is Thursday 3/30

  • Students will take home costumes to iron and put on a hanger. Return costumes Friday 3/31


You know the saying... many hands make the work light....

Well, many hands will be needed this week for little projects. Cafeteria setup and decor will begin Thursday 3/30 and end on Monday 4/3. More information about that will be headed your way next week. Mrs. Borges will be around to guide you in any way she can. many of these can be done at home if you wish! A special thanks to many of the volunteers who've helped in so many ways!

Here are a few of the many:

- Create water (using cellophane) for our fountain and touch up the stone.

- create a headboard and bedding for a mini-bed

- create the magic mirror

- touch-ups (Wednesday)

- create a photo booth opportunity for the back of the cafeteria.

(no real ideas for this one yet)

-Create fish on a pole


Parents... a permission slip will be needed for the cast movie... they will be on a table at the cafeteria entrance. Please fill one out when you pick up your child at 5:30pm on Monday.

  • Tickets are on sale after school in the school office. ($5.00 each) Proceeds to benefit the Walnut Theater Fund.

  • Cast members- below are some details about your costumes. On Thursday (3/30), we will hand out any of the costume items we need you to have. Please arrange to get the below items ready for our dress rehearsal Thursday (3/30) Place your entire costume back onto the hanger with your name and part labeled on it!

  • Show Nights (4/4/17 and 4/6/17)- Plan on dropping off your child by 5:30pm. Students, wear your appropriate under clothing basics, for example black leggings and a tank. Then you can easily slip your costume over those basics.

  • Make sure they have eaten something prior to arriving.

  • Parents, if you are NOT attending the show, you can pick up your child when the show ends at 7:30 pm at the costume room.

  • Costumes will need to be left in the costume room for the next performance. Please do NOT take your child home until they have place their costume in their bag and on the wardrobe stands!




Costume Details-

Village Boys and Girls Come ready in your costume basic under clothes. You will change into your costume at school. Girls wear hair in braids, curled or with a bonnet.  Boys comb hair cleanly and/or wear a hat that goes with your costume. Jazz shoes or costume appropriate shoes. Girls add makeup to cheeks and lips (not too dark.


Castle Ensemble- Wear your white costume basics and add your castle piece at school. Wear hear in clean braids or pulled away from your face if it’s too short. Wear tan jazz shoes. Add makeup to your cheeks and lips (not too dark).

Other Cast Members- Bring your costume home and come with as much on as possible. Some of the castle members will need help putting on the larger costume pieces. Wear hair and makeup appropriately. Jazz shoes or boots.


Stage Make Up Schedule

Please meet makeup artists in room C4-Mrs. Avilla’s class

4:45- Beast, Cogsworth, Gargoyles


5:00-Castle Ensemble (silverware, napkins, plates, cups)


5:15-Villager Boys

Performance Arts Sponsorship Opportunity

March 6, 2017


Not many elementary schools can offer such highly professional performances as Walnut has. Walnut’s visual and performing arts program has always done amazingly well with minimal additions to our normal budget. Our musical productions are no exception. Each year, our ticket sales allow us to create our own unique costumes and props for the show. As the years go by, many of our heavily used equipment pieces will need to be updated and/or replaced. It is our hope to create a fund (in conjunction with available site funds) that will help cover the costs of the equipment, which include: lighting, sound, and stage extras. These pieces will be used by all of Walnut’s many productions, both big and small. It is such a privilege for our Walnut students to be on the stage; instilling presentations skills that will benefit them both academically and in their future careers.


We hope that you, or our local businesses, will consider a donation that will be added to the fund that will update and replace these needed items in the next couple of years. Please take a moment to review the below information. We encourage you to download additional Sponsorship Forms for family members and business owners who you feel would like to contribute to the betterment of the performance arts at Walnut.


Community Sponsorship

We are so thankful for your assistance in the improvement in our program. We will use our existing theater committee to decide on the purchases based on need and expense. The committee will be comprised of teachers, an administrator, district expert in lighting/sound, and a Walnut parent. We will keep you updated on the purchases that are made with these funds (via the Walnut Website).

All donors will be recognized in our musical program this year. Please print the information below (clearly) as this is how it will appear in the program.


If you are interested in being a sponsor and donating to our productions please download the form here.

Musical Notes Update

Beauty and Beast Jr. Musical Update:

We are working hard to get ourselves ready for the big show… now we need your help!

Costumes: Mrs. Grishaw has been busily planning out costume designs. At this time, she needs parent help. Here’s what we need:

  • Measurements for your child. (Unless she has pulled your child and measured) ATTACHED
  • Depending on your child’s role in the show, you’ll need to gather/purchase a few basics to be used with the costume pieces being made. Please send in these basic items as soon as possible. Label and bag the items with your child’s first and last name and role in the show.
  1. Silverware, plates, and napkins- white long-sleeved collared shirts and white fitted pants/leggings to the ankle.
  2. Boy villagers- twill/cotton pants, solid colored (blue, gray, khaki, brown, black) these will be cut shorter. (NO JEANS)- look at Goodwill and Fallas, knee high socks, Button up, long-sleeved shirts with collar (solid color). We will add vests and such… but an added cab hat would be great! If you are a specific character, like egg man or fish man- think about what prop you can add in!
  3. Girl villagers- long flowy skirts (preferably solid colored) past the knee, solid- colored, collared shirts. Check Goodwill. We will have pretty aprons and vests to add to your skirts and shirts! If you are a specific character, like hat seller or sausage girl- think about what prop you can add in!
  4. Other specific characters (Belle, Gaston, wolves, etc. we will be getting in contact with you individually)

If you can help, please plan on seeing Mrs. Grishaw the following dates right after school (depending on your child’s role). At that time she will explain what needs to be done. It’s always pretty simple!

Dates for costume directions: (February 27th -March 13th )

2/27 Plates    2/2 Silverware    3/1 napkins      3/7 Boy villagers      3/8 Girl villagers     3/9 Wolves      3/13 Gargoyles


Props: The following props will be needed… do you have any of these that we can borrow?

Wooden barrel, antlers, wicker baskets, lanterns, pitch forks, large ornate chair, fancy hats, plastic eggs and other food items, old fashioned books, rose in glass jar, magic mirror


Set pieces: The following set pieces are still needed. I will be emailing specific parents who volunteered to help out in the coming days.

Bookseller’s book cart, Belle’s cottage (front), castle façade, castle door, castle library (front), Belle’s bedroom (front)

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