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Walnut Musical 2018

We are excited to begin our video submission auditions for our 2018 Walnut Musical: Aladdin Jr.

If your child is interested in auditioning for next year’s musical elective, they will need to submit an audition before the May 26, 2017 deadline.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Walnut Website/Musical tab and review the songs and monologues. Mrs. Silveira will have paper copies available if needed. You will need to open up the music online. You may practice with the voices, but your recording should be done with accompaniment only.
  • Please choose a role that best suits the student’s ability. This will not necessarily mean they are auditioning for that specific role.
  • Have someone videotape the student singing and performing the monologue. These can be easily videotaped on a smartphone.
  • Upload the video recording to the Musical Audition form using vimeo or youtube. The submission forms are available on the Musical tab on the Walnut Website.
  • If you do not have access to a videotaping device or are unsure how to complete the above process, we will have one date available after school for a teacher to videotape and submit the recording.

Want some tips on recording or uploading a video, this article/site is informative https://help.novoed.com/hc/en-us/articles/202390659-How-to-record-and-upload-videos


Audition must include acting and singing portion:

  • One of the five monologues choices. (Narrator, Aladdin, Genie, Jasmine, or Jafar)
  • One of the three songs -please use the song that doesn’t contain words (One Jump Ahead, Friend Like Me or A Whole New World)


Narrator (Male or female)-

Welcome to Agrabah, City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail! The big day had finally arrived, and you’re all just in time to join the festivities. Yes friends, this will be the day when we finally find out who Princess Jasmine’s future husband will be! Look! There’s Jafar, the Sultan’s right hand man. And there is Iago, Jafar’s right hand… parrot! Ah, the main event. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. There’s the Sultan: ruler of all he surveys… and anything else that happens to be lying around. Let the festivities begin.


Aladdin (Male)- Scene takes place in a cave

I sure do like Jasmine. I mean “The Princess”! Ugh! I must’ve sounded so stupid!  Then again, what does it matter? I’m never gonna see her again. Me the “street rat”. Besides, she deserves a prince. Or at least someone better than me. Oh, why did I ever meet her? Boy, I’m glad I met her! Look at all this junk! I bet no one’s been in here for years. (Sees the lamp and grabs it) Something’s written on this thing. Let’s see what it is.


Genie (male or female)-

Oy! One thousand years in a tin can ‘ll give you such a crick in the neck! (crack neck) Ok, that’s better! Now then, “YOur wish is my command”… yadda yadda, you know the drill, so shoot… Come on kid, what’s it gonna be? Cash? Camels? The i-phone 7? You must want something?  Hey kid, you speak? What’s your name? ….Aladdin… He does speak! OK! This is gonna be a snap! May I call you Al? You know, Al, you’re a lot smaller than my last master. Either that or I’m getting bigger. Do these harem pants make me look fat?


Jasmine (female)

Oh, father, this law is unfair! Shouldn’t I be able to marry who I want, when I want? No girl wants the most important decision of her life to be made for her! Every father should know that!.... Listen to me! Can’t you just be my father for once, and not the Sultan? I want my freedom, father. Just like everybody else. I’m a princess who feels like a prisoner.


Jafar (male or female)

Am I pleased? Pleased to be playing Nursemaid to a spoiled princess? Pleased to be keeping tabs on every petty thief in Agrabah? While day in and day out that blithering idiot remains Sultan? Of course I’m not pleased! Now, listen to this: Should an unmarried princess, who is the sole heir to the throne, fail to choose a husband, the Sultan’s highest ranking official- that would be me- would immediately become betrothed to the princess. (evil laugh)

Performance Arts Sponsorship Opportunity

March 6, 2017


Not many elementary schools can offer such highly professional performances as Walnut has. Walnut’s visual and performing arts program has always done amazingly well with minimal additions to our normal budget. Our musical productions are no exception. Each year, our ticket sales allow us to create our own unique costumes and props for the show. As the years go by, many of our heavily used equipment pieces will need to be updated and/or replaced. It is our hope to create a fund (in conjunction with available site funds) that will help cover the costs of the equipment, which include: lighting, sound, and stage extras. These pieces will be used by all of Walnut’s many productions, both big and small. It is such a privilege for our Walnut students to be on the stage; instilling presentations skills that will benefit them both academically and in their future careers.


We hope that you, or our local businesses, will consider a donation that will be added to the fund that will update and replace these needed items in the next couple of years. Please take a moment to review the below information. We encourage you to download additional Sponsorship Forms for family members and business owners who you feel would like to contribute to the betterment of the performance arts at Walnut.


Community Sponsorship

We are so thankful for your assistance in the improvement in our program. We will use our existing theater committee to decide on the purchases based on need and expense. The committee will be comprised of teachers, an administrator, district expert in lighting/sound, and a Walnut parent. We will keep you updated on the purchases that are made with these funds (via the Walnut Website).

All donors will be recognized in our musical program this year. Please print the information below (clearly) as this is how it will appear in the program.


If you are interested in being a sponsor and donating to our productions please download the form here.

Musical Locker

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