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Walnut Elementary School

4219 N. Walnut Avenue

Turlock, CA 95382

(209) 664-9907

(209) 664-9970 (FAX)


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name or clicking on "website" underneath his/her name.


Contact Ginette Reeves  Ginette Reeves Assistant Principal
Contact Sumeet Singh  Sumeet Singh Principal


Contact Kim Fann  Kim Fann Office Staff
Contact Margaret Hennes  Margaret Hennes School Nurse
Contact Rhonda Rose  Rhonda Rose Health Technician

Walnut Staff

Discovery Teachers


Contact Melanie Chancellor  Melanie Chancellor Teacher
Contact Sharina Dias  Sharina Dias Teacher
Contact Sarah Sundy  Sarah Sundy Teacher

First Grade

Contact Amy Alvares  Amy Alvares Teacher
Contact Kathy Phillips  Kathy Phillips Teacher

Second Grade

Contact Patty Frahm  Patty Frahm Teacher
Contact Kristin Vilhauer  Kristin Vilhauer Teacher
Contact April Walker  April Walker Teacher

Third Grade

Contact Candace Looney  Candace Looney Teacher
Contact Claudia Navarro  Claudia Navarro Teacher
Contact Marianne Vander Veen  Marianne Vander Veen Teacher

Fourth Grade

Contact Donavan Arnold  Donavan Arnold Teacher
Contact Jessica Kindberg  Jessica Kindberg Teacher

Fifth Grade

Contact Sarah Flora  Sarah Flora Teacher
Contact Kayla Shaw  Kayla Shaw Teacher

Sixth Grade

Contact Denise Loomis  Denise Loomis Teacher
Contact Erin Moreno  Erin Moreno Teacher

Renaissance Teachers


Contact Susan Clipper  Susan Clipper Teacher


Contact Sabrina Almaraz  Sabrina Almaraz Teacher
Contact Sandi DeRose  Sandi DeRose Teacher

First Grade

Contact Kelli Ashby  Kelli Ashby Teacher
Contact Lori Ford  Lori Ford Teacher
Contact Robin Young  Robin Young Teacher

Second Grade

Contact Shelby Avila  Shelby Avila Teacher
Contact Angelica Grishaw  Angelica Grishaw Teacher
Contact Cheryl Swart  Cheryl Swart Teacher

Third Grade

Contact Lisa Chittim  Lisa Chittim Teacher
Contact Irene Hales  Irene Hales Teacher
Contact Sherri McMillan  Sherri McMillan Teacher

Fourth Grade

Contact Melissa Cortinas  Melissa Cortinas Teacher
Contact Kerry Nored  Kerry Nored Teacher

Fifth Grade

Contact Mary Jo Lee  Mary Jo Lee Teacher
Contact Dianira Schisnewski  Dianira Schisnewski Teacher

Sixth Grade

Contact Art Garcia  Art Garcia Teacher
Contact Danielle Silveira  Danielle Silveira Teacher